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Treasure Hunt

The Littlest Angel was a book I loved when I was pretty small. For anyone too young to remember it (I don’t know if it’s even still in print), the story is a parable on the critical value of small … Continue reading

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Hard Case

A few years ago, as I read over the trilingual instructions on a box of wild flower seeds, I learned the French term for wild flower: fleur savage—Savage Flower. I was delighted. It seemed so apt, such a perfect embodiment … Continue reading

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Circle of Life

There are at least a few words referent to the people who love garage sales–for example,  Garage sailing for the act of going from one garage sale to another, and Garage pooling to describe the practice of a group of … Continue reading

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There are varying degrees and qualities of leftovers, as anyone knows if they’ve ever had to choose between making a sandwich out of yesterday’s cold barbequed brisket and whatever it is that meatloaf turns into when its been in the … Continue reading

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