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Circle of Life

There are at least a few words referent to the people who love garage sales–for example,  Garage sailing for the act of going from one garage sale to another, and Garage pooling to describe the practice of a group of … Continue reading

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Special Delivery

Winter does not usually come to North Texas in a Disney fantasy of snow and ice and frozen white silence. I have known such winters. Long ago, I looked forward at the end of every fall to seeing the golden … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

According to my best information, the lab rat—one of those mass-bred, generic, mostly albino rodents that are regularly sacrificed in their millions for the medical good of humankind—is genetically about 90% identical to you or me or Albert Einstein. So … Continue reading

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Gone to Ground: Nelly, b. 19?, d. Jan. 1, 2015

I will note here that Nelly was not a good dog. Having a good dog in your life is like having a live-in angel. Lord Byron got it right when he said of his own good dog that such dogs … Continue reading

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